Ubikes Has Electra Electric Bikes
These bikes are perfect for fitness riding, commuting longer distances, and can feel a bit more sporty than their comfort siblings.  They have a position that allows you to control the bike well at higher speeds, while keeping you upright and in good view of the surface you are riding.  You can attach racks and fenders easily and even tackle gravel and dirt surfaces with a fair amount of confidence.

Designed to keep their riders upright and comfortable, our comfort style Ebikes are great for cruising around, shopping and commuting shorter distances.  You’ll find features such as big comfy saddles, puncture resistant tires, a short reach to the handlebars, frames designed for accessories like fenders and racks, and easy frames to mount and ride.

Want all the fun (or more) of mountain biking with less of the suffering, then try out one of these amazing machines.  These bikes allow you to control your workout and are awesome for those of us with injuries or even some disabilities.  You get assistance at the pedals when you pedal and the climbs start to become fun instead of a disheartening chore.
The latest electric assist bikes to hit the market, these bikes allow you to tackle the all types of roads and have a smile on your face the whole time.  You get a comfortable drop bar position and can choose the amount of workout you wish to have.  The class 3 versions (E assist up to 28mph) even allow you to join in on group rides with regular non-assisted riders.
Electric cargo bikes with state-of-the-art Bosch eBike performance system capable of serious climbing and unparalleled range. Customize your cargo bike with Awesome Add-Ons!
Figuring out the range of your commute or average ride can be tricky, but its a huge step to buying an ebike as they all have different specs and battery sizes. The range of ebike is affected by several factors, but due to the hill-ish nature of boulder and the surrounding areas its not always possible to gauge a range accurately based of the manufacturer specs. The main two factors are the assist level (Ebikes we stock do not have a throttle, but usually have a range of modes 1-3 levels of powered assistance) and terrain choice ( hills dramatically affect power consumption) if you keep these factors in your mind when choosing a Ebike it can really help you get a picture of what is really possible.
Electric bikes are sold in 3 speed classes. We have Class 1 & Class 3 available here at University Bicycles.

Class 1 – Pedal Assist: under 750W, limited 20 mph, pedal assist
Class 2 – Throttle on demand: under 750W, limited 20 mph, pedal assist + throttle
Class 3 – Speed Pedalec: under 750W, limited 28 mph, pedal assist

Where to Ebike

Boulder City’s Ebike Policies

Boulder city has implemented safety measures when it comes to the use of Ebikes within the city limits.

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Boulder Open Space Ebike Policies

Boulder has limited the use of Ebikes on certain trails in its open space program.

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Jefferson County Ebike Policies

Just south of Boulder is Jefferson County, they have a very friendly approach to Ebikes on trails.

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National Parks Ebike Policies

National Parks services have been adopting the use of Ebike’s on their trails over the past year.

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