Custom Bike Fit

Let’s customize your bicycle to meet your
specific needs in order to optimize your ride experiences.

Qualified and ready to help

The bike fitting process is a marriage between an individual and an amazingly efficient machine.  The union of those two is always unique.  There is no specific formula, machine or calculation to determine your ideal position.  Drawing on years of experience and training, we work with you and your bike to find the most harmonious union of the two based on your specific needs and goals.  

We have worked with thousands of cyclists over the years and almost universally, midway through the fit process, people say “I should have done this years ago”.

Precision Guided Assistance

We integrate classic bike fit measurement tools with the most up to date Motion and Video capture software from Retul to help you interact with and understand the dynamics of bike fit and positioning.  We record and archive all fit work for future reference and each fit client receives a digital record of the final measurements and the work done during the fit session.